• MARA Excellent Ventures Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2011 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA). Our corporate training services equip today’s professionals with the right set of skills to meet industry and business needs.

  • The experts affiliated with our corporate training bring considerable experience of supporting a wide range of government and private sector. Our team of experts combine the latest theoretical concepts derived from academic research, with practical knowledge of the industrial environment, to help you identify, implement, and evaluate solutions that will enhance your business operations.

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Key Components


MEX entrepreneurship program trains entrepreneurs on how to establish, manage and oversee successful business ventures. They will also learn broad business concept such as financial management, business promotion and organizational behavior.

Communication, Interpersonal & Language Mastery

With programs in various languages, MEX delivers a variety of courses that will help you develop critical thinking skills in communication and interaction in a professional, intercultural environment and to understand communication strategy in a business context.

ICT & Office Productivity

ICT has been proven to be the driving force behind office productivity which include better customer service, greater product variety, shorter response time, enhanced product quality and better customization of product and services via latest and updated softwares and technology driven facilities.

MARA International Teacher Training Institute

Education and teacher training courses offer professional development opportunities for teachers to develop flexibility and adaptability in a multitude of learning situations in today’s classroom.

Management & Leadership

These courses are designed to ensure management group understand the importance of human relations, leadership, motivation and team building in every organizations. It also enables participants to increase confidence in managing organizational job functions and human resources, improve subordinates quality, aligning performance and productivity.

Technical And Vocational And Education Training (TVET)

Education and teacher training courses offer professional development opportunities for teachers to develop flexibility and adaptability in a multitude of learning situations in today’s classroom.

Why Choose MEX

  • We pride ourselves in having experts who are highly-skilled and internationally experienced.
  • We continuously respond to the changing training requirements to ensure all participants learn the most up-to-date practices and theories.
  • We provide the quality standard of teaching at competitive prices
  • By understanding the challenges and goals of our clients and through communicative teaching we are able to tailor made courses to suit every learning preference. We are committed to ensure that all participants accomplish their learning goals and gain benefit from attending our training program
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  • With custom-made courses and training services, we are able to fulfil both individual career aspirations and corporate strategies. We offer flexible learning options, including delivering training modules both on and off classroom
  • At MEX we constantly work with our clients to ensure that their aspirations are effectively planned and accomplished. All of our experts seek to develop students both personally and professionally, and believe that learning is a lifelong experience.
  • Training for corporate clients can be provided on or off-site at any time, while our public courses are timed to fit around working life and held at the MEX facility, minutes away from public transports.
  • Our latest training framework offer pre, during and post training that makes the duration of the course become longer thus make it more quality and promoting continuous learning.
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MEX’s Digital
Lifelong Learning

Enhancing and Empowering SMEs Capabilities via Language, Softskills & PR Skills.

MEX combines online digital media with traditional classrooms methods whereby participants have an element of control over where,when and how they work thus providing an integrated learning experience.

We take pride in offering a top-notch learning technology to our clients, anytime, anywhere and suitable for all ages. Experience our comprehensive Digital Resources, Complimentary online courses, Audio Books, training notes, self-assessment that will help you to develop your career to a greater height. Increase your self-value and learn new things with the programs we offer at the palm of your hands!

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What Our participants Say

``The Workshop gave our team the opportunity to learn techniques to better our program and spearhead our growth with applicable takeaways. I gained a lot of value and insights form the core motives model and the principles taught in the Workshop.``- Shafei Halim , Birai Seni Sdn Bhd
“This program did a great job providing actionable concepts in a way that encouraged instant application. I know how I will implement the concepts because I already did it in the class!”- Umar Izzat , Participant

‘ Tell me and i’ll forget. Show me and i may remember.
involve me and i will learn.’

– Benjamin Franklin –

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