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International Teachers Training Institute (MARA)

Education and teacher training courses offer professional development
opportunities for teachers to develop flexibility and adaptability in a
multitude of learning situations in today’s classroom. Our professional
development courses focuses on 5 Training Compentencies as below :

  • 1. Competencies in Leadership and Management
  • 2. E-learning and Multimedia Application
  • 3. Foreign Language Proficiency and Internationalization
  • 4. Teaching Competencies
  • 5. Research and Development of Quality Education

Technical and Vocational Education and Training

TVET( Technical and Vocational Education and Training ) is education and training which provides knowledge and skills for employment. TVET uses format, non-formal and informal learning. TVET is recognized to be a crucial vehicle for social equity, inclusion and sustainable development.

TVET focus on educational process involving in general education, technologies and practical skills. This is vital in enhancing individuals recognize and be equipped for employment in the relevant industries.


Professional Development Program

With programs in various languages, MEX delivers a variety of courses that will help you develop critical thinking skills in communication and interaction in a professional, intercultural environment and to understand communication strategy in a business context.



ICT has been proven to be the driving force behind office productivity which include better customer service, greater product variety, shorter response time, enhanced product quality and better customization of product and services via latest and updated softwares and technology driven facilities.


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